I have had 2 sessions with Iosè and we have developed 2 different sets of Bach flowers mixes for me. Iose is very attentive and is a great listener, she really helps you to find a different perspective on your own situation and with this different perspective in mind to select the remedies that are not as obvious as when you try to select them by yourself. I definitely recommend to consult a Bach practitioner when starting off with the remedies. I can also definitely recommend using Bach flower remedies. For me the immediate result that I have seen within the first couple days was the increase in physical energy levels and the state of wanting to take action and get things done, instead of constant doubts, anxiety and troubles with decision making. Overall during the time I have been taking Bach flower remedies, I definitely feel an improvement in my emotional and even physical condition and can recommend them to anyone. 
– Mina Liva from Dubai